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Information from the Diocese of Joliet

Experience the transformative power of faith in our welcoming church community. Under the guidance of Bishop Ronald Hicks and the Diocese of Joliet, the Diocese offers a variety of spiritual services and events, where you can connect with others and grow in your spirituality. 

Diocese of Joliet Announces Phase 3 of Targeted Restructuring 

Two years ago, the Diocese of Joliet launched a three-year targeted restructuring process to better organize parishes, schools and other Catholic institutions. This comprehensive process began in July 2022 shortly after the diocese had streamlined its own operations at the Blanchette Catholic Center and implemented a parish-focused approach to advance Bishop Hicks' vision of "Catechesis, Evangelization, and Faith into Action."

The third and final phase of targeted restructuring began in March 2024. The TRC (Targeted Restructuring Committee) again considered parishes throughout all the geographic areas of the Diocese, with specific consideration given to DuPage, Southern Will and Grundy  Counties. The TRC considered similar data that were prioritized in the restructuring of the Joliet Deanery.

For more information and updates, please click on the supporting documents below.

DOJ Announcements of Phase 3 Targeted Restructuring

Targeted Restructuring Update #1 - TR Timeline

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