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First Communion

About the Sacrament

At St. Luke Parish we require our first communicants to complete preparation though our religious education program. If your child is in second grade, please go to the religious education tab and sign up for religious education courses. If the first communicant is older, please call the parish office.

To Contact us please call or email: 630-668-1325 or

First Holy Communion in the Catholic Church.

“First Holy Communion. Having become a child of God clothed with the garment, the neophyte is admitted ‘to the marriage supper of the Lamb’ and receives the food of the new life, the body and blood of Christ. The Easter Churches maintain a lively awareness of the unity of Christian initiation by giving Holy Communion to all the newly baptized and confirmed, even little children, recalling the Lord’s words: ‘Let the children come to me, do not hinder them.’ The Latin Church, which reserves admission to Holy Communion to those who have attained the age of reason, expresses the orientation of Baptism to the Eucharist by having the newly baptized child brought to the altar for the praying of the Our Father.” CCC 1244

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